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Virtual Coach

JACKSONVILLE - Caregivers of young children can have early childhood education and development tips sent to them via text thanks to a program offered through the Florida Grade Level Reading Campaign (FGLRC) and READ JAX. 


Director of FGLRC Jenn Faber recently noted, “Our EarlyCare service has recently expanded through the help of local GLR campaign partners promoting this free interactive text messaging service to parents, family members, caregivers and teachers of young children.  Subscribers are responding favorably to the easy-to-understand messages, quality content, and options for both Spanish and English messaging.” 


The GoMo EarlyCare Program offers postpartum brain health support for mothers of babies from 1-6 months old; personalized text messages with tips and educational information based on your child’s age for children from birth to age 9; important wellness information; and 24/7 access to a free library of resources, including stories, games, and other activities. 


Jacksonville Mayor Donna Deegan said, “Improving childhood literacy in Jacksonville is a key priority of my administration. READ JAX and the important work they do in this space continues to be a valued partner in this vital effort.” 


Saralyn Grass, CEO of Kids Hope Alliance, said, “READ JAX provides caregivers, teachers and parents with resources to help them develop children’s literacy skills. We know parents understand the importance of reading but are often challenged to do 20 minutes of reading each day. The virtual coach is a great tool to give them tips on working reading into their daily lives.” 


“Literacy skills begin well before children enter school, so we want to give caregivers the support and information they need to ensure their little ones get off to a great start,” said JPEF President Rachael Tutwiler Fortune. “The ability to read on grade level by grade three is critical to student achievement, health, and earning potential. The virtual coach provides valuable information to help them reach that milestone.” 


To get started, caregivers should text LEARN to 52046. Once they do, they will receive a text message with a link to a quick survey needed to complete enrollment. The feedback provided will help to deliver information designed to interests and specific to your children's ages.